He Heard Hannah Book Cover


He Heard Hannah is a story that will remind you there is a God who loves us and cares for every intimate detail of our lives. God is always at work orchestrating a beautiful symphony… even when all we can see is chaos and confusion.

Through the life of a little girl named Anna, one family’s hearts were changed forever. Through the death of that same little girl, one man’s heart was changed for eternity. These two families were strangers until God began a work that bound their hearts together for life.

He Heard Hannah tells their touching story. It’s one of broken hearts and crushed hopes… depression and guilt… and ultimately, New Life and Victory!

The Kraft and Becker Families

(left to right) Lynnette, Hannah, Harrison, Courtney, Cecily, Jared, Silas, Kyle, Jocinda, Taylor, Jonas, Abigail         (November 2011)